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How to Reach Trento

Trento is located in the Adige Valley and does not have a major airport. The closest major airports are Verona (1 hour by car), Venice (2 hours by car) and Innsbruck (2.5 hours by train). Further away are Milan (3 hours) and Munich (3.5 hours by car). While it is possible to rent a car at the Italian airports and leave the car in Trento (notably Sixt has done this, not sure about other rental agencies), this is suggested only if there is a difficulty in traveling by train.

By air plus train: 

Verona (approx 60 miles) is the suggested airport for Trento, though not all major airlines fly directly into Verona. There is a shuttle bus that connects the airport to the train station. Once on the train, it takes approximately 1 hour. Trains are fairly frequent.

Venice (approx 120 miles) does handle many international flights from the US and Asia. There is a shuttle from the airport to the train station. The train trip is about two hours not counting a change in Verona. The wait between trains can be 5 minutes but frequently is around an hour.

Innsbruck (approx. 150 miles) takes connecting flights from international airports. This is a small airport however and connecting services are not as frequent as Venice or Verona. There is a train from Innsbruck to Trento, about 2.5 hours. You have to bus or taxi from the airport to the train station (note: the airport website says that train is available but not having taken it, we cannot confirm if this train exists. The EasyJet site, for example, does not mention trains).

Munich (approx 200 miles) handles all major airlines and has links to an express train that stops in Trento - but still figure 5 hours not counting the airport wait. Usually one or two people take this route and so far all have lived to talk about it.

Milan (approx 180 miles) has three airports (including Bergamo with different difficulty levels in reaching the train system from the airport. Once on the train, it is about 3 hours for an express and possible more if changing is required in Verona.

There are some other airports in between the major ones such as Brescia or Bolzano. Train service would be shorter but connecting flights are difficult to find and no information is given on these choices.

Foreign travelers need to know that train tickets must be stamped at the station before getting on the train. The stamp is just a date and time stamp that effectively prevents the rider from using the ticket for any other journey that seems unreasonable given the date and time stamp. The machines are little boxes (usually yellow) about the size of a shoe box and are mounted on the platforms. If by some chance you forget to stamp your ticket and the conductor is coming, using a pen, write the time and date on one end of the ticket. It may get you out of a fine. 

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