14th Trento Summer School: Modularity and Design for Innovation
Villa Madruzzo is located to the east of Trento on one of the small slopes that surrounds the city. It is about a 45 minute walk downhill to Trento. It is rather longer in the other direction. However, sidewalks are hit or miss in Trento and buses or taxis are suggested.

Villa Madruzzo

A quick note: There are two bus routes that run from Trento to near Villa Madruzzo and back. The hotel recommends the number 9 on their website even though the stop is a bit further to walk to. This is an urban bus and uses a different ticket than the extra-urban line. The number 401, on the other hand, is a quicker walk to Trento but does not travel as frequently since it is an extra-urban line. The ticket for the 401 can be purchased on the bus (according to the hotel). To get to the 401 stop, follow the route in red in the following map: exit the hotel and turn right, going downhill. The stop is at the first intersection. Directions for the number 9 stop are given in further detail below.

Public transport (i.e. the bus company)
Trentino Trasporti Spa (the main site)

The specific bus line.


Radio Taxi

Assuming arrival at the main train station, the directions by bus are easy according to the hotel website: take the number Nine bus and get off at the stop called 'Scuole' - which means school. Sticking with the 'easy' theory of the hotel for a moment: tickets for the buses are available in the station of course and in general at any place with a large black 'T' (which means Tobacco shop) or some newstands. Once on the bus, the rider is required to validate the ticket by sticking it in a machine that writes the date and time on the ticket. Once stamped, the ticket is good only for another 70 minutes ( I think ).

Ok, so now you are on the number 9 bus and going up the hill to the hotel. What happens then is problematic: how to know what stop to get off at? The best way is to talk to the driver. No Italian is necessary, just say 'Villa Madruzzo?' at each stop. Or if you prefer 'Ciao signore, qui è Villa Madruzo?' (Chow, seen_or_ay, kwee  ay Villa Madruzzo?). The drivers are all nice and will tell you the stop.

Then, however, there is about a 600 yard walk to the hotel. It is one of those deals where it is easy to get to if you know where to go. Signs in Italy are also hit and miss. Streets are usually indicated on the sides of buildings rather than on poles in intersections. However, this is mostly true for the cities and signs are skipped a lot elsewhere.

Should you want to attempt walking, the way is fairly straighforward:

Step by Step:

Get off the bus.
Turn around to face the roundabout, traffic circle:
image at bus stop

Go to the roundabout.
Hang a sharp left. (by car this would mean traveling 270 degrees around the traffic circle and then making a right)
The direction you want to drag all your baggage is where the red arrow points.

This road is called 'Ponte Alto' which means 'High Bridge' in Italian as the road ends in a bridge over a canyon of sorts. There is also a lower bridge over the same canyon, in case you wondered.

In order to get to Villa Madruzzo, follow 'Ponte Alto' for quite some distance (best guess 800 yards, but I've never walked it). After this distance, on the right will be a sort of low castle wall. Just before this wall is the entrance to Villa Madruzzo. As seen in the image below, it isn't the best marked thing in the world. (This is the back entrance which is why it is a bit obscure. You can continue on the Ponte Alto if you wish to come in the front, however you will have to go down a hill and then go back up the same hill to get to the same spot as the back entrance takes you).

This is a short gravel driveway that takes you to the hotel. It is worth it! It is not a bad place as hotels go and the food is excellent!