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Free Time

What to do?
July, 6th and 7th
Car race from Trento to Monte Bondone
Venue: Road ss 85

  • Saturday:1° round of practice: 9 am
  • Sunday: Race starts 11 am - Località Montevideo
July, 7th
Sounds of Dolomites
The tale of an experience of life and music in the mountains - Concert (free entry)
Venue: San Martino di Castrozza - Prati Col
2 pm
Where to go?
From the nearest
  • A walk around Cognola and the mountain behind the hotel:
  1. Zell and Tavernaro: 2h, easy walk in the forest
  2. Povo and Bindesi Refuge: 2h,30 easy walk passing through waterfalls. It is also possible to eat at the refuge.

Tavernaro - Bindesi Refuge

  • Monte Bondone, the mountain of Trento:

Monte Bondone is a small group with 4 different and distinct summits: monte Cornetto (2180m), Doss d'Abramo (2140m) ,Cima Verde (2102m), and Cima Palon (2090m.). They are all higher than 2000m, easy to get to and with unforgettable panoramas on Adige Valley, Paganella, Brenta Group, Adamello glaciers and Garda Lake.

Sardagna and the surroundings: 4h, from the city centre you can take the cableway (city bus ticket includes also the cableway) up to Sardagna. From here, a nice, even though not banal walk reaches the Bondone mountain. Don't miss the view over Trento and the ancient church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo.


Monte Bondone: From Viote (you can reach the starting point with a bus,  starts the easy walk-up to the summit: cross the road and start walking along a dirt road, pass near an astronomic observatory and after some hundreds meters you can see tracks ascending directly toward the Cornetto, leave the road to the right and start walking a path in a wood. After the first steep part the path, out of the wood, gets a wide ridge-pointing straight to the Cornetto (on your left ascending you have a valley dividing you from the high rocky walls of the central summit: Dos d'Abramo). Follow the path that will lead you to the right low border of the Cornetto, once there follow at your best to the summit. Is not a trivial path, especially next to the summit where there is a steep ridge. Don't miss the trenches and fortifications dating back to the Great War at the base of the Cornetto.

Monte Bondone


To the furthest
  • Dolomites, World Natural Heritage:
"The Dolomites are completely unique - they cannot be compared in the any other mountain in the world. Their beauty derives from the contrast between the green of the meadows and the vertical rock faces and the composition of the rock itself, which changes colour throughout the day". Those are the words of Messner, considered one of the greatest mountaineers, who has been climbing in the Dolomites for six decades.

Brenta: there are plenty of hiking path in this area. You can catch a bus to either Pinzolo or Madonna di Campiglio (2h http://www.ttesercizio.it/Orari/Extraurbano/Linea.aspx?BacinoID=4&DirettriceID=71 ), both are resorts with lift that will help you in easily reaching the summit of the mountains. If you prefer to hike, from the bus stop in a pair of hours you can reach the Tuckett hut or the Brentei and admire the beauty of the dolomites. For the bravest it is possible to organize a two days tour that cross the Brenta massif by stopping in the refuges for the night. For more information and maps, checkhttp://www.campigliodolomiti.it/lang/EN/pagine/dettaglio/summer_sports,25/trekking_and_mountain_walks_in_madonna_di_campiglio,47.html


Natural Park Adamello-Brenta: close to Pinzolo, it is possible to spend a day walking in the fresh air of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta. The numerous waterfalls and the nice path that finish at the beginning of the glacier are the characteristic of the Val Genova, the core of the Natural Park. More info are available here: http://www.visittrentino.it/en/cosa_fare/da_vedere/dettagli/dett/val-di-genova.

Genova Valley

Predazzo: at the end of Fiemme Valley, you can follow a path very interesting from the geological point of view you can see on your way. From Trento, get the bus to Predazzo (http://www.ttesercizio.it/Orari/Extraurbano/Linea.aspx?BacinoID=3&DirettriceID=243), where you can take the cablecar to Gardonè (schedule:8.30-13.15 e 14.30-17.45). At the summit you find the path for Dos Capèl.


Vajolet Towers: among the most beatiful mountains of the alps, the Vajolet Towers are easily reachable also for not-trained walkers. From Vigo di Fassa (http://www.ttesercizio.it/Orari/Extraurbano/Linea.aspx?BacinoID=3&DirettriceID=243), you should take the cable car to Ciampedie, where after a short walk you reach the refuges and you can see the beautuful towers. For the bravest, there are many hiking path starting from the cable car arrival station. More info: http://www.rifugiovajolet.com/eng/escursioni.htm

Vajolet Towers


Trentino is rich of lakes where you can swim and spend a very relaxing day

From the nearest
Caldonazzo Lake: the lake is easily reachable with the Valsugana train that leave from Povo, next to Villa Madruzzo (there is a train almost every hour, http://www.trenitalia.com/). After 20 min you can reach the beach and enjoy the sun.
To the furthest
Garda Lake: it is the largest Italian Lake, and one of the norther Italy's most popular tourist destination. From Trento you can reach Riva del Garda with the bus in 1h20 (http://www.ttesercizio.it/Orari/Extraurbano/Linea.aspx?BacinoID=4&DirettriceID=134). If you get bother by the beach, you can visit both Arco and Riva del Garda. The bravest can take the pubic boat and reach Sirmione (http://www.navlaghi.it/ita/g_orari.asp)

From the nearest
Verona: is less than one hour with the train from Trento (http://www.tourism.verona.it/_vti_g2_1.aspx?rpstry=26_)
To the furthest
Venice: is about three hours from Trento. You can decide to go with the usual train from the train station (you change train in Verona) or you can take the smaller direct train that pass though Valsugana.

How to get there?
Rent a car in Trento: