Reading Material

14th Trento Summer School: Modularity and Design for Innovation
Here is the list of readings in pdf format. If you click on the small arrow to the right of the file name, it will open the file in a new tab that allows you to download the file.

Below the pdf list is another list containing three zip files that contain all of the readings for this summer school (Readings 1, Readings 2, Readings 3). I thought it might be easier to download three files instead of one by one. To download one of the zip files all at once, click on the file name. This will take you to a page that displays the contents of the zip folder. However, if you open 'file' and click download, it will download the entire zip file at once.

This lower list also includes a file called "Trento Summer School 2013.html". For ease of use, if you create a folder called "readings" and place this folder in your download folder, then you can open the file "Trento Summer School 2013.html" with your browser and access the files from a webpage equivilent to the Class Schedule page. Note: this procedure works with Windows. I have not tested it on Linux or Apple.


Readings Zipped

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